Active Citizens

We contribute to the city and provide a platform for citizenship. Our projects aim to develop Syrians and other communities into active citizens in Greece

Cooking and Food Distribution
We cook and offer free food every Tuesday at Khora Kitchen
We are now part of the Athens Food Collective, working with other organisations to provide food for people who need it, in response to COVID-19. Join our fundraiser here
We have been shortlisted as an Athenian organisation for the Co-Athens project, through Curing the Limbo and the Athens Municipality
Pop-Up Kitchen
Pop-up Kitchen is a project run by families with experience preparing many kinds of Arabic meals and sweets. Over the last two years, this project has provided delicious catering for many parties and social gatherings in Athens
Fitness Programme
We train together to stay in shape, stay motivated, stay fit and stay focussed. Everyone is welcome to join
Cultural Events
We run social and cultural events at our social hub: Plenum at Communitism
Face Shields
Our team assembled 50,000 face shields for the Greek Ministry of Health, supporting the collaboration between Odyssea and TIMA Charitable Foundation
Urban Garden
A farm in the city! Our agricultural project aims to build the largest possible number of gardens in the city of Athens. We can build wooden planters and garden structures on your roof or balcony, so you can grow your own vegetables and get all the benefits from them!
Dabke Class
Join us at dabke class! Every Monday at 6:30pm, Musikarama
We have given talks at schools in Athens, invited by the Ministry of Education
Initiative to Workplace
We run workshops (in English and Arabic) on employment and labour rights: Initiative to Workplace
We have a music and dance group, performing concerts and at festivals around the city
Farming Project
We are developing a plot of land outside of Athens into a site of sustainable food production: providing jobs for people with farming skills, and contributing to local and ecological methods of agriculture